Python workshop at ECEM 2017

European Conference on Eye Movements

The European Conference on Eye Movements is a biennial event for scientists and engineers who research or use eye movements in their work. The 2017 edition will be hosted in Wuppertal, Germany, and is preceded by several workshops. One of these is Edwin Dalmaijer’s “Learn how to do eye-tracking in Python in roughly six hours! (Is that ambitious? Yeah, that’s quite ambitious…)” workshop, for which this is the supporting page.

Please bring your own computer!

As was announced in the workshop’s summary, we ask that you bring your own computer. Please make sure that this is a device that can actually run Python and the required dependencies. Recommended operating systems are Ubuntu and Windows 7. In general, any computer that runs Windows should work, as should most Linux distributions, and even Mac OS X usually works. Things that will not work include tablets, phones, and other stuff that runs mobile operating systems like Android or iOS.

Installing Python

My best advice is to download Anaconda, a Python distribution that includes almost all the external packages you need. There are a few additional packages that aren’t included, so you will have to download those too.

  1. Download the version of Anaconda that suits your operating system. You need Python 2.7, preferably the 32-bit version. On Mac OS X, just go for the 64-bit one, as there is no other choice. (Downloading might take a short while; you could watch this video to keep you entertained.)
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Open a command prompt (Windows), or a terminal (Linux and OS X).
  4. Type this command, and hit Enter:
  5. Type this command, and hit Enter:
  6. Type the following, and hit Enter. If this does not work, download and run the installer for your operating system on the PyGame downloads page.

Please note that there will not be any time to fix installation issues during the workshop, as we have very limited time, and will try to focus on learning as much Python as we can. So please get your computer sorted before you arrive.


By clicking on the links below, you can download the files that we will need for the programming workshop.

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