Eternal thanks goes out to the following people, who helped with the PyGaze project in one way or another:

name contribution
Ignace Hooge Gave excellent advice on the custom saccade detection algorithm.
Frank Papenmeier Did a very thorough review of our code and our manuscript, after this was submitted to Behavior Research Methods.
Hiroyuki Sogo Created a Tobii Controller for PsychoPy, which we have modified and included in the PyGaze Toolbox.


PyGaze was created by the following lot. They are mostly harmless, so do say hello if you happen to meet them in person. Contacting them is easy via the contact form or the support forum.

Edwin Edwin Dalmaijer, lead developer

Edwin works at the University of Oxford’s department of Experimental Psychology, where he spends his time doing research, programming, and looking at pictures of cats on the internet (don’t tell his boss).

Sebastiaan Sebastiaan Mathôt, developer

Sebastiaan is no stranger to open-source software. He is the creator of OpenSesame, an experiment builder for the social sciences, and has worked on numerous other projects. Sebastiaan is a post-doc at the Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive at Aix-Marseille université. His research is on eye movements and perception, and has recently focused on pupillometry.

Stefan Stefan van der Stigchel, contributor

Stefan is an associate professor at the Helmholtz Institute of Utrecht University, where he does research on attention and eye movements. Stefan provides us with advice on all aspects of Doing Science, and sometimes on Good Music.


PyGaze was built on top of the following libraries, for which credit goes out to the respective authors.

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