Apologies for the downtime

As you might have noticed, PyGaze was down for a little while. The reason was that a slightly higher amount of people decided to download the WinPython package (see the downloads page if you’re interested), and that our hosting package wasn’t up for this. This is not a new problem: In the last few months, we’ve went over out monthly bandwidth allowance several times, but usually only on the last day (or two) of the month.

We’ve noticed that the demand for our software has steadily increased over time, and it received a boost when opensource.com published an article on PyGaze. At this point, our packages are downloaded several thousand times per month, so we decided it’s time to finally upgrade our hosting. This should prevent any downtime in the future.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for using PyGaze, and for using our website so much it broke.

P.S.: We’ve also had quite a few bots that try to download our stuff, rip our content, leave spammy comments, or simply try to brute-force their way to our passwords. If you’re one of those bots, please shoo. Go take a Turing test or something.

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